Discover Cartagena

Getsemani is a world apart, colorful and raizal, within the same historic center, has become the favorite meeting point for backpackers and young travelers looking for a less glamorous and bohemian alternative.

LThe aromas of freshly baked bread from the corner bakeries and Ibalconi's pizza appeal to everyone passing by.

The same thing happens with Di Silvio Trattoria, near the square of the Trinity, and with Gaucha Resto & Winehouse, in the street of the Holy Spirit - attended by its owner, the Argentinean Rodrigo Campillo. There are also caf├ęs-bar such as Bazurto Social Club, on Calle del Centenario, famous for its rumba and Caribbean food; Demented, in the Plaza de la Trinidad, known for its tapas, and Malagana, for their cocktails.

Sophisticated international cuisine restaurants such as the Champagneria del Mediterraneo, also on the Trinidad, contrast with hot dog stalls, egg arepas and shops where cold beer is available at a lower price.

The conserved architecture of colonial houses is also mixed, through the wooden bars of which residents see themselves watching television, with somewhat neglected buildings that display murals and graffiti and offer a multitude of commercial services: clothing stores and Groceries, workshops and bicycle rentals.

But there is nothing wrong, not even the fact that among the few blocks of the neighborhood there are three traditional churches (the already mentioned Holy Trinity, San Roque and Third Order), who are witnesses of the faith of the Carthaginians And of the parrandas that are changing of thematic and music as it is passed to another sidewalk or block